Spaceship Voyager is an investment product, accessible via an app, which is designed to help you build wealth. We are making investing simple, accessible, and affordable for everyone, regardless of your experience or the amount you have to invest.

Through Spaceship Voyager you can access our two managed funds products, Spaceship Universe Portfolio or Spaceship Index Portfolio.

Signing up takes about two minutes. You’ll need to tell us a bit about yourself, choose between the Spaceship Universe Portfolio or the Spaceship Index Portfolio, and link your bank account using your BSB and account number to fund your first investment.

Don’t worry, we won’t transfer any funds unless you ask us to!

There is also the option to set up an investment plan, if you want to make investing a habit. 


We are really proud of are our fees. 

Fees can eat away low balances, so we decided to make your first $5,000 invested fee-free. For investment balances above $5,000, our fees are 0.05% or 0.10% per year depending on the portfolio you choose with the first $5,000 remaining fee-free.

That means if your investment balance during a year is $10,000, you’ll pay $2.50 or $5.00 in fees for the year – about the price of a coffee.

Spaceship Universe Portfolio

The Spaceship Universe Portfolio invests in 100 listed companies actively selected by our experienced in-house investment team. Spaceship Universe Portfolio’s fee is 0.10% per year for balances above $5,000.

Spaceship Index Portfolio

The Spaceship Index Portfolio invests in 100 ASX listed companies and 100 companies listed on overseas stock exchanges. Together they make up some of the largest companies in the world by market capitalisation. Spaceship Index Portfolio’s fee is 0.05% per year for balances above $5,000.

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